What We’ve Been Up To

It was great to see many of our customers, and make a bunch of new friends at the recent PDCA Commercial Forum. At these events we always learn a lot about the challenges our customers face, and by brainstorming with people in the industry we were able to go home and develop solutions that can have an immediate impact.

Some of the ideas you came up with during the sessions in Greenbriar have already become new features in Workglue. Take a look through the brief descriptions below – one or more of these features can be applied in your company today. We hope all this new stuff is easy enough to use without much help, but we are always available if you or your team have questions. In fact, a new online chat feature makes it easier than ever to get a quick question answered.

Whether you want a full product demonstration, or just a short training session for your employees, click the button below to schedule a convenient time. We love talking about your business and how we can help you grow.

New Features

Planning job schedules is probably the most important feature in Workglue, and the first thing new customers use. Now we are excited to introduce an improved personal calendar to help manage your own time. Look under the Support menu and pick My Calendar.

On the left side above the calendar you will see new options to “share” your calendar with other people. You will also see the names of people who share their calendar with you. Calendar events are color coded – your own items are highlighted with a yellow background so they stand out.

Click the name of people who share with you and then you can click in a day on the calendar to add an event for that person.

Here’s an example of how to use it. If you are a sales person, share your calendar with the office manager, or whoever answers the phones. Then the office manager can see your schedule, find a day/time when you are available, and immediately add an appointment for an estimate.


Hours worked without time clock

Many companies do not use a “time clock” to have workers punch in/out. These employees just submit the total number of hours they work each day. We finally have a way to record that time in Workglue. Look under the Employee menu for the new option called Enter Hours. The picture below shows how easy this is.

Start by selecting a job on the left. Then pick the employee, cost code and the time worked.

Labor summary by cost code

If you enter the cost codes for your labor hours, we have a new report you’ll love. The new report gives you daily totals for each cost code, plus to-date subtotals.

If you want more detail you will see a link to an additional report listing each employee and every day they worked. For even more flexibility you can download both of those reports as a spreadsheet file – your bookkeeper will have hours of fun with this.

To find these reports go into any Job Details page, then click on the actual hours to-date.

Capture leads from your website directly in Workglue

If your marketing website is built on WordPress, then you can now easily capture leads coming from a “Contact Us” or “Request Estimate” form on your website. These customer inquiries will appear automatically as new Leads in Workglue.

It’s not very difficult to set this up – anyone with basic Workpress skills should have no trouble. We have put together detailed instructions for your website consultant.

Click here to download the instructions

Stuff happens

When things go wrong you need a quick, convenient place to keep track of the information. The job scheduling sheet now has a place to keep notes and track “no shows” and accidents.

Look under the Jobs menu and pick Sheet. Clicking the new button will open the information window. If you add a note the scheduled event will be highlighted in yellow. If you check either the “No Show” box (if the employee didn’t show up for work) or the “Accident/Injury” box, the scheduled event will be highlighted in red.

New reports coming soon will let you print all of these events so you have it readily available for a conversation with your employee or insurance agent.

Live Online Chat Support

We know how busy you are, and that making a phone call to get help with something in Workglue isn’t always possible at the moment you need that help. Online chat can be a great solution for getting quick answers. Below the small calendar is a new link that shows at a glance whether a support person is available or not. If you have a question simply click that link and type the question. If it says we are “online” you should have your answer in seconds. And while you wait for an answer you can keep making phone calls, meeting with your staff, or eating lunch.

If we are away or offline, you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.