Zapier is an online service that provides simple integration between thousands of applications. It’s designed for non-programmers so no complex code is required to make useful connections between unrelated apps. Simply select two applications and map the data to be exchanged between them. Zapier also makes it possible to do other things to enhance existing applications, such as sending yourself email notifications when certain things happen, or creating spreadsheets from data contained in an application even if that application doesn’t provide such a report.

You can help us test our first Zapier application for Workglue. If you are using a CRM system like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, or Zoho you can now send those leads or customer information directly into Workglue. If you use an estimating program like Estimate Rocket you can now send Clients and Projects into Workglue automatically when an estimate is completed. If your marketing website is running on WordPress you can create customized estimate request forms that your customers fill out and the information goes directly into Workglue as a new lead.

The following instructions were tested with Estimate Rocket, but it would be almost exactly the same for any application supported by Zapier.

If you don’t have a Zapier account yet visit and get that set up first. After logging in you can search for the applications you are using and select one as your “Trigger” – the app that will be sending information to Workglue.

Estimate Rocket is a little different so you have to go into your Estimate Rocket account and search for their Zapier API instructions. They provide a link you have to click to “connect” your Estimate Rocket account to Zapier. That’s a one-time thing and after completing it you will see Estimate Rocket on your Zapier dashboard.

The Zapier application for Workglue is still in beta test so you have to connect to your Workglue account by clicking the following link:

Click Here For Developer Invite

To connect your Workglue account you will have to go into Workglue and look under the Support menu for the Account page. On the bottom right of the Account page find your API KEY and copy that. Paste that API KEY into the “Connect Account” page in Zapier.

In Zapier click the big button at the top of the page to Make A Zap!

Estimate Rocket should be listed under Your Apps, so click on that.

Select the “Trigger” called New Project.

If this is your first time you might have to click a button called “Connect an Account” and test that.

After confirming that your Estimate Rocket account is connected to Zapier you will be asked to create a new Project (estimate) in Estimate Rocket to be used for sample data. Go into Estimate Rocket, create a new sample estimate and mark it as complete. Then go back to Zapier and click the button to get the sample data. It should display the Project you just created to confirm that your account is properly connected.

Continue to the next step by selecting Workglue as the “Action” for this Zap. If Workglue is not showing use the Search box at the top of the “Make a Zap!” page to search for Workglue.

If your Workglue account is already connected you should see your company name in Zapier. Pressing the “Test” button should return SUCCESS. If Workglue is not connected yet press the “Connect an Account” button in Zapier. That will ask for your API KEY which you get from the Support->Account page in Workglue. Copy the API KEY from Workglue and paste into Zapier.

With the account successfully connected the next step is to “map” all of the data fields from Estimate Rocket, or other application you are using, to the corresponding fields in Workglue. The following picture shows how this looks.

The page shown above lists all of the data fields that are expected by Workglue. Only a few are required so if your “Trigger” application doesn’t provide all of them, you can leave the optional items blank. On the right, next to each Workglue data field, is a button to select the matching data field from your other application.

Click the button on the right side to list the available data fields in Estimate Rocket, or other app you are using. The field names will not be identical to the Workglue fields, so select the item that best matches the Workglue field. To help find the matching item you will also see the sample data collected earlier.

Fields can be used more than once. For example, Workglue has room for three separate phone numbers (mobile, office, home). If your application only has a single phone number you can “map” that to all three of the Workglue phone number fields, or leave two of them blank.
For Estimate Rocket the following list shows the matching field names:

First Name Client First Name
Last Name Client Last Name
Email Client Email
Mobile Phone Client Phone
Office Phone Client Phone
Home Phone Client Phone
Job Site Address 1 Location Address 1
Job Site Address 2 Location Address 2
Job Site City Location City
Job Site State Location State
Job Site ZIP Location ZIP
Job Name Name
Job Type (not available from Estimate Rocket)
Job Description / Notes Customer Notes
Private Job Notes Internal Notes
Job Source Source
Business Name Client Company Name
Billing Address 1 Billing Address 1
Billing Address 2 Billing Address 2
Billing City Billing City
Billing State Billing State
Billing ZIP Code Billing ZIP
Customer Notes Client Internal Notes
Customer Type (not available from Estimate Rocket)
Customer Source Client Source

Save and Test – If the sample customer and job appear in Workglue, congratulations! Press the Finish button and you are done. Make sure you turn it on before leaving Zapier. Try creating a new Project/estimate in Estimate Rocket, then wait a few minutes and it should appear in Workglue.

Optional Enhancement – Add a second step to your Zap to send yourself an email containing some of the information about the new job. This is an easy, automatic way to confirm that it worked and it lets you keep an eye on the estimates being completed even when out of the office.

Other Important Information

One thing to watch out for, specific to Estimate Rocket, is that when creating a new Project you must add the “Location” address. In the New Project window you will see a checkbox called “Location Address Same as Billing Address.” You must uncheck that box and enter at least the street address, city and state. If the box is checked (to use the billing address as the job site address) Estimate Rocket leaves the job location address blank when sending the information to Zapier. Workglue always requires a job site address, so if that is blank your new Zap will fail, and the job will not appear in Workglue. There are several ways to handle this if you normally leave that box checked and don’t feel like typing the address again. In Zapier you have to add an extra step between Estimate Rocket and Workglue. That extra step would look at the addresses and copy the billing address to the job location, if necessary, before handing the information to Workglue.

Each Workglue customer can define their own Job Types, Customer Account Types, and Lead Sources. Not all Zapier applications can provide this information. Estimate Rocket in particular does not provide Client type or Project type. However, Estimate Rocket can send the “Source” information. In order for Workglue to receive the job and customer type, or the lead source you must use the correct spelling of each item. Look in your Workglue account, under the Support menu pick the item called Custom Data. Here you will find the job types, account types, and lead sources that are defined for your company. If you send those exact items from Estimate Rocket, or any other Zapier application, they will be set properly in Workglue. Remember to update your other application if you make any changes to these “Custom Data” items in Workglue.