What’s in a Name?

We get asked all of the time how we came up with Workglue, and of course, there is a simple answer. We’re the glue that holds it all together. That, and Workglue just sort of stuck.

Our Founders

John Busick

John is obsessed with systems, workflow, and customer service. He is Workglue’s visionary leader, and CEO of his 3rd generation family painting company. John originally saw Workglue as a simple solution to run his staff of 30+ painters. It was such a game-changer, he wanted to help other business owners reap the benefits of more time out of the office. Hence, Workglue was born. Today,  John continues to be Workglue’s biggest advocate for simplicity, key features, and developing new partners.  John lives just outside of San Francisco, CA with his wife and two sons.

Robert Stoeber

Robert is a serial entrepreneur, having launched and sold several technology companies over the last 30 years. He specializes in building web-based management systems; from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to project management to scheduling and tracking to invoicing- Robert is Workglue’s tech guru. He spends most of his days trying to come up with better ways for people to manage their business efficiently. Robert currently lives in Boulder, CO, but he gets around.