Document Management, Change Orders, and More…

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacations! Here’s a little update on Workglue’s progress. On the business side, a few weeks ago we finalized agreements with our first outside investors – a startup accelerator in Salt Lake City. They are also helping us polish our pitch to other investment groups, and we hope to complete an additional funding round early in the fall.



On the software side we just rolled out a major upgrade overnight. We have squashed a whole lot of little annoying bugs, and made changes “under the hood” to prepare for new features that will be added in the near future.

But, the most important changes today are the ones you can see, and those are in four main areas:

1) Document management – As our customers get comfortable with moving their business online, they have been uploading a lot of documents. Our old, simple list was just getting too long on the job detail page, and it didn’t allow for any organization. Now you will see a document icon on the right side of the job detail page. If you have documents attached to the job, the number of documents will be shown on the icon. Take a look at this short video to learn more:

2) Change Orders – 
Our old system only allowed for one “open” change order at a time. That doesn’t work for large projects, so now when you “lock” the original estimate, you will see a new link called “Change Order Requests.” Click that to get to a page where you can create multiple change orders, and keep them all open for editing at the same time. We also have a short video to explain this, so check it out here:

3) Estimates and Change Orders – This is the area where we have big plans for the future, including new support for material purchasing and integration with estimating systems. For now we have added room for additional information for each line item on the estimate (supplier name, product information, part numbers, etc). In the change order video you’ll get an idea of how this looks.

4) Job Detail page – 
You’ll find some new icons on this page, and some things got moved around. It should be less cluttered now for most people. We also eliminated the section in the center of the page where you could list materials used on the job. That became redundant when we added the new data fields to the estimates and change orders. Don’t worry, nothing was lost. If you used this area for some jobs all of that information will still be displayed, but you can’t add anything new in that section.

There are more changes and new features, but we’ll save that for another post. For now, watch the videos and then browse around.