Feature Details

“Workglue’s mobile field app is seriously bad-ass! Even the guys in the field love it!” Bryan at Shamrock Painting
Personal Tasks
Individuals can view and complete tasks assigned to them with the click of a button.
Anyone managing the project can see when the task was completed.
Selecting a Job
Employees or crews quickly know their daily or weekly schedule when they open the app.
Workglue allows the business owner to select the number of days being displayed on the employees app. 
Viewing Job Details
Job details at your fingertips.
 Get directions, contact anyone pertinent to the job, viewi the scope of work, or add photos to the project from the field.
Clocking in and Out
Timekeeping made simple
Employees clock in and out with a click of a button. Built-in push notifications remind the employee to clock in/out when arriving/leaving the job site. When clocking out, capture any accidents or near misses, and any necessary cost codes if applicable.
Real-time messaging
Easily communicate between the field and office. All messages stay within the project. All communication is captured by who left the message and when. 
Points of Interest
Creating Custom Maps Per Project Have a large project with multiple crews? Difficult access points? With Workglue’s Points of Interest feature you can build custom maps that allow the field staff to know where and when to be.

Requesting Time Off

Time off requests
Employees can quickly request time off from the field. Once approved, the employee gets a notification that it was approved. Furthermore, the job schedule automatically updates, showing that employee as unavailable to schedule.

Backend Management

Easily manage the app setings from the administrative backend to add employees, schedule jobs, track employee assignments, and more.


Multiple Scheduling Views
Workglue’s robust and user-friendly scheduling options allows easy access to multiple schedule views. Schedule by individual employee, crew, or job. All schedules sync with the mobile app and the birds-eye view (ie monthly job schedule).

Job Details

All Job Details in One Spot
With Workglue’s job details page you always know where you stand on any particular project. All job contacts, notes, documents, photos, videos, communication, and change orders are available in ONE location. All communication to the field (via the app) is tracked within the job, keeping you and the field up-to-date at all times.

Monthly Job Schedule

Save time and money.
With Workglue’s drag and drop calendar, you have the ability to move jobs around with ease. Have a weather delay, just drag the job to the desired start date, and all employees/crews are updated accordingly.

Task Management

Easy Employee Task Management
Increase productivity by assigning tasks to anyone in the company. All tasks are available on the individuals app. Once a task is complete, you can see who completed it, when it was completed, and any pertinent notes entered.

Mobile App Permissions

Customize the App for Your Company
Customize the app based on each users needs. From how many days displayed on their schedule to what features you want each employee to see, we give you the flexibility!