Workglue Interview With Owner Dave Bartelt

How long have you been using Workglue?
We’ve been using it since November 2017, so almost a year now.
What are some of your favorite features that your company utilizes?
The biggest draw for us is the simplicity of the system, and how we can voice our opinions of changes & optimizing, and seeing those changes come to life. Also, the auto fill feature for existing clients, since we have a lot of repeat clients that we do new jobs for, that was a change that really helped us.
How has Workglue improved your company?
It’s helped our communication, by far, since we have multiple locations. From acquiring the leads, submitting bids and keeping track of customers, and then seeing the job through to completion, it’s all in one spot. Being able to see the big picture and then drill down in to the specifics for each project is invaluable to us.