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From closing a sale, scheduling a job, managing your team, and invoicing, Workglue keeps you and your team on track at all times. Best of all, it’s simple! 

“I don’t know how we survived before Workglue. It’s like how we look at the cell phone. I don’t know how we lived without it.”
John Morris, Owner- Phoenix House Painting

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been hard at work learning from 100’s of your industry peers to learn what you need most…

Workglue adds even more value to your business by providing advanced analytics. You can make decisions based on the data that matters most to you, when it is most needed – NOW!

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We’re on a mission to streamline all functions of the business and ultimately make life easier for you and your team, allowing more time for the important things.



Do you help with Quickbooks online set up?
Anytime you integrate with a 3rd party software there are some set up and configuration steps that we both have to do. We will go through the sync with you and show you how to manage and debug any sync issues you might run into. Another thing we do on the set up is bring over up to 3 years of invoice history.
Can I limit what an employee can do in Workglue?
Yes, you can set up permissions where a user can only view things assigned to them in the software all the way to being a full admin of the program. The only thing an admin can’t do is cancel and do a full export of the data in the software.
What about employees who won’t use Workglue as users?
You can still communicate to them and notify them of opportunities, reminders, jobs or tasks via SMS texts through the software. You can even have a daily schedule texted to them at the time of your choosing.